Interests and Accolades:

Apart from being an avid scholar, seasoned bureaucrat with proven leadership; Dr. Prithvi is an accomplished writer, consultant, facilitator and public speaker. He has enlightened and inspired young minds with his motivational words on career development, branding and marketing techniques.

Adding to his spectrum of interests, he has published books and research papers as follows:

Authored: "Pushkar City of Peace and Spirituality" a tourist guide Co-authored Book: "Rajasthan Art, Architecture and Culture" Research Paper: In US Journal of Preventive medicine (APJM), Cost-Effective analysis of implementing Health programme (meningococcal vaccine).

Other than all this, fitness has been inseparable part of Dr. Prithvi's life. Sports and spontaneity are his synonyms when it comes to his interests. One might find him trekking six in the morning and cycling around the city the other hour. Fitness isn't a hobby for him, it is a lifestyle, a way of living, be it physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.

Innovation is one thing that reflects in all the aspects of his life. It is the driving force that keeps him on his toes and experimenting, even when it comes to cooking. He has built himself a wood fire oven to keep up with his passion for food.

His wide array of interests and credentials has bagged him the following recognitions: